Meaghan Martin Fell In Love With ‘Dear Lemon Lima’ Role


Meaghan Martin is pretty in pink at the premiere of Dear Lemon Lima at the LA Film Fest on Saturday night. In the movie, Meaghan plays “Megan,” who starts out as the mean girl, but then makes a change for the better.

We recently chatted with Meaghan on the set of her new show, “10 Things I Hate About You.” She revealed that she fought for the role in Dear Lemon Lima. She fell in love with the role, but due to a small budget they didn’t want to hire her at first. Meaghan revealed she would have done it for free because she just wanted to be a part of the film.

Check back for more of our set visit soon! Earlier in the week, Meaghan attended the premiere of Paper Man as well.

PS: We know we are behind on updates due to traveling, but we will catch up soon. Stay tuned!