Win It: Princess Protection Program DVD


-Disney’s latest DCOM, “Princess Protection Program,” premieres on June 26th and comes to DVD on June 30th. We have two copies to give away just for you! Between now and July 3rd, leave your name and valid e-mail in the proper fields in the comments and let us know what qualities you look for in a BFF.

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We will pick 2 winners at random and verify via e-mail. Only one entry per person. Multiple entries will be disqualified.


DL with Selena & Demi (Bonus)


  1. The qualities I look for in a BFF are honesty,a sense of humor, can hav fun, has 2 be serious in a serious time, and always hav be there for me.

  2. The qualities I look for in a BFF is someone who is trustworthy, caring, loyal, always there for you no matter what, never lets you down, you can laugh with, and you can totally be yourself around. And most importantly, someone you can have fun with.

  3. Someone who trust worthy. Who I know won’t judge me for who I am or how I act. Someone who will always be there for me when I need them, someone I can show my true colors to, and someone I can joke around with and have fun.

  4. First of course a BFF to me is someone you can trust and just talk to about everything, that IS an important thing for me, because I love to just sit and talk – but like my own BFFs a BFF for me would also be someone who I can have fun with, a person who’s as crazy as I am and not afraid to dance around with my and be silly! ;D

  5. I look for honest because i must trust my BFF, it´s important to be a good person and not just think about Herself/himself, i mean if it´s two friends who talks together it´s not fun to sit down and just say yes all the time, i dont like when people talk about their self all the time. i really like when the conversation is flowing and I really love when we can have fun with each other and do crazy things together, it´s fun to just have one person who you can trust and at the same time have fun with that person.I know that a BFF can be more than one person but i prefer one person because i don´t want to trust everyone,it´s better with just one or two BFF´s.

  6. First and for most I would want them to be loyal. I want them to have my back when I needed them. I need to be able to rely on them when I’m sad or in a bad situation. I want them them to have a good sense of humor. They can’t take themselves too seriously because what’s the point in living life when you can’t laugh at yourself sometimes. Lastly I want them to make me a better person. Being able to bring out the best in a person makes you an amazing friend.

  7. I would want my BFF to always be there for me. And it’s always important to just want to be togethor no matter what you look like. Best friends will support each other and be there no matter what. That’s why i love best freinds haha. (:

  8. I want an honest friend. Someone I can trust and would trust me. Someone that wouldn’t believe rumors. The person should be fun and should laugh! The person should be mature but can be silly like I am. I like to take pictures with my friends and just have a good time, all the time! <3

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