Win It: Jonas Brothers 3-D Concert Experience


-Want to win one of 2 copies of JONAS BROTHERS: The Concert Experience Deluxe Extended Movie? We have two to give away. The movie hits shelves on June 30th, but we have your chance to win. Between today and July 3rd, comment this post with your name and valid e-mail in the proper fields, and let us know what your favorite Jonas Brothers song is…please just try and pick one. We will pick two winners at random.

Only one entry per person. Multiple entries will be disqualified.

The Concert Experience: Extended Movie (2-Disc Standard Def DVD) includes:

Disc One

* 2-D Extended Movie with 2 Additional Performances – “Can’t Have You” and “A Little Bit Longer”
* 2 Additional Bonus Songs – “Love Bug” and “Shelf”
* Up Close & Personal – Go behind the scenes with the ‘Jo-Bros’ and learn what this tour means to them.

Disc Two

DisneyFile Digital Copy of extended movie in 2-D.

Featurette: Quick Progression (Bonus)

Behind the Scenes: Getting the Stage Ready (Bonus)


  1. Off of the new album? That’s tough.. i’d probably go with “Hey Baby” just because it’s got a bit of a different sound to it & it’s pretty fun to sing along to.. even though they all are haha 🙂 But yeah, “Hey Baby” is my current favorite.

  2. My favorite all time jonas brother song would be ‘Please be mine’, from the Its About Time album.. Thats my favorite song, because when it came out, it inspired me so much. It got me through a phase that I was going through, just like the jonas brothers have.. They have inspired me so much, and taught me a lot of lessons, and I thank them for that.

  3. I would definitely have to say that my recently favorite Jonas Brothers song would have to be Before the Storm, because it is just so pure and simple. Miley and Nick did an amazing job on this song, it completely shows so many different emotions that I can only begin to imagine they went through and keep going through day after day. This song also shows how much both of them have grown as artists and them having the courage to not let anything that happened some between them now. So definitely BEFORE THE STORM! 😀

  4. My favorite song by the Jonas Brothers is Black Keys. It is a song that shows depth and truly makes you think about life and how to approach it. It is a powerful song with a good concept, amazing vocals, and amazing music. Highly praised.

  5. my fav jonas brothers song is What did i do to your heart …. truthfully, i love them all 🙂

  6. My favourite Jonas Brothers song is “I Am What I Am”, from “It’s About Time”. Because it’s all about staying true to yourself, no matter what other people say.

  7. My favorite song has to be A Little Bit Longer it got me through the time I found out i had mild cp and a hole in my spine, I would listen to this song on my mp3 while in the hospital and it would just put a smile on my face and get me through that tough time

  8. My favorite is Inseparable
    I love that i can also sing it to my BFF, and it still makes sense!! 😀

  9. My favorite Jonas Brothers song is Black Keys because it saved the relationship that I have with my best friend.

  10. I love all the Jonas Brothers Song, but Before the Storm and Black Keys by far, because they symbolize NILEY!! 😀 and I am a true NILEY lover!!! 😀

  11. MY favorite jonas brothers song is black keys
    because its so true what the song says that sometimes everything is better black and white than color
    hopefully i could win! 🙂

  12. Hmm favorite Jonas song?
    It’s so hard to choose just one! How about one off each album?
    It’s About TIme: My most definite favorite is Underdog off of this album. It pretty much describes my life and it’s just a great song overall. Please Be Mine is also amazing. It makes me cry every time I hear it because I think of how far they’ve gotten. It’s a beautiful song and is definitely one of my all time favorites . (:
    Jonas Brothers: Probably SOS, it’s a great fun upbeat song that’s so much fun to dance and sing to. I love how Nick took a breakup and made it into a positive thing while having fun with it! I also love Just Friends and Inseperable. They are great songs about love and they’re so easy to relate to, especially Just Friends.
    A Little Bit Longer: Hmm. A Little Bit Longer. I love that song and everyone can relate to it no matter what. I am at a high risk for diabetes and my grandpa is currently dying from diabetes so it means alot to me that Nick wrote a song about it and it gives me hope that everything is going to be ok. Someone else is there for you and is going through the same thing. I also love Sorry alot. It’s sad but such a great song. The lyrics are amazing.
    Lines, Vines, and Trying Times: For some reason I am addicted to Hey Baby. Maybe it’s the horns, the guitar, the beat, the blend of Nick & Joe’s voice the lyrics? I honestly don’t know. I just love the song. I also love Black Keys. It’s just such a beautiful song. I think of it as the modern Underdog song. (:

    :O Oh goodness! Sorry this is so long! I didn’t mean for it to be that long but when I start talking about JB I just go on and on! haha
    Anyways, thanks for giving the people who can’t afford the DVD the chance to enter this contest. (:

  13. I absolutely love all the Jonas Brother song but if I had to, my top four songs would be ‘Lovebug’ ‘Black Keys’ ‘Much Better’ and ‘Fly With Me’.

  14. As you know it IS hard to pick a fave Jonas song, cause as you may heard others say: they are all amazing, hehe 😀
    BUT I have a JB song that is speciel to me, so let’s call it my fave: Inseparable – I LOVE that song, it’s fantastic and it gives me hope, ’cause it’s so romantik and fairytaleish in a way – it’s hard to explain, because it’s hard to find words for it!!

  15. Live To Party is definitely up there. It’s a perfect song to rock out to and have fun dancing to. I love it that they used the song for the intro to their show. It was perfect.

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