OK Magazine Goes On the Road With Jesse McCartney


Jesse McCartney is featured at OK Magazine. The magazine chats with Jesse about his album, life on the road and more. Jesse is currently on the road opening for New Kids On the Block.

On his favorite part of being a “rock star”: “The best part is being able to perform in front of the fans and watch them grow up over the years.”

On the worst part: The worst is having to do promotions and make appearances at TV stations. “I understand how that’s effective, but it can be gruesome and tiring,” he admits to OK!. “You get up at 8 in the morning, go to a radio station until 9 or 10, sing, do an interview or a meet and greet, then you go to sound check at 1 ad grab a bite at catering if you’re lucky. Then you can get ready for the show at 8 or 9 and get on the bus and go to the next city… If it wasn’t for that hour and a half performing live, I would probably be miserable.”

On what he brings with him on the road: “I usually bring my own pillow and different seasons of Dexter and Six Feet Under,” he says, adding that he listens to musicians like Adele (“She’s amazing) and “John Mayer, only because I grew up listening to him and I jammed with him in Australia. We ripped through an entire minibar of snacks and drinks and played guitar for two hours straight in his room.”

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