Exclusive: Taylor Spreitler Interview


SO-M recently had the chance to chat with actress Taylor Spreitler. Taylor plays “Mia” on the long running soap “Days of Our Lives.” Find out more about Taylor, what it’s like working on “Days,” her hobbies and more below. Also be sure to follow her on twitter: @taylorspreitler.

How did you get started in acting? I was in talent and beauty competitions when I was younger. There were scouts there from New York and they told me that I should go and try modelling work and stuff like that. I did that for a while and then I started doing commercials and that’s when I really started getting into acting. I booked a Chuck E. Cheese commercial and I had so much fun on set. It was pretty much a whole bunch of kids eating pizza and playing games all day. Then I decided I wanted to be an actor and I told my mom and she said, “All right, let’s give it a shot.” So we started doing it and now I’m here.

What can you tell us about your character “Mia” on “Days Of Our Lives?” “Mia” was pregnant and she just recently had her baby. She gave the baby up to Arianne Zucker’s character, Nicole Walker or Nicole DiMera now because she just got married. She has to deal with seeing her baby around town. She’s made some bad mistakes in her past and now she’s having to deal with the consequences while still trying to be a normal teenager, still have the normal teenage love, but then trying to keep everything inside also.

What’s it like working on such a long running/legendary show? It’s so cool. Every 1000th episode they bring this cake and they take pictures with the cast who is on the show then. They just put up our 11,000th episode picture yesterday [May 18th] and it’s so cool. You see all those pictures from their first 1000th episode and seeing the people who were on the show and have grown up on the show like Alison Sweeney. It’s cool to have a show that has that much history and so many people know what it is and have been there for so long.

What would you like to see happen with Mia in future episodes/seasons? There’s so many things that could happen. I want to see her fall in love with Will [Dylan Patton] and be happy together. Obviously they are going have regular teenage problems but I really want them to stay together. I love working with Dylan and I think that would definitely be a lot of fun.

What is your favorite show that you’ve guest starred on? I guest starred on “Law and Order: SVU” and that was fun. I played the younger sister of a girl who got kidnapped, raped and murdered. Martin Short was in the episode and he played a psychic. He was actually the murderer and that was a blast. It was so trippy because I’ve always watched him being the funny guy and he was just this real freaky person [on the show]. It kind of tripped me out to see how people can play such different roles. It definitely taught me a lot.

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