Ethan Peck Is In the Teen Vogue Spotlight


-“10 Things I Hate About You” star Ethan Peck poses for Teen Vogue’s Spotlight feature. The former Diesel retail worker will be taking over the small screen this July in ABC Family’s “10 Things I Hate About You.” Check out some of the interview below:

On taking on Heath Ledger’s role in “10 Things”: “I’m approaching the part with respect for what’s already been done with it, though ultimately, we’re creating something new.”

On his grandfather, legendary actor Gregory Peck: “It’s wild—he’s such an icon, but to me, he was just grandpa. I only knew him in his house, in his cashmere sweaters, in the backyard, or in the pool. I wish I could have known him better—I’d have so many questions for him now. But in a lot of ways, I guess he’s with me.”

Be sure to catch Ethan in the series premiere July 7th at 8pm EST on ABC Family.