Demi Lovato: “This Album Is ‘Just Me'”


Demi Lovato opened up to Billboard recently about her upcoming tour, her new album and more:

On not having a flashy tour: “I’m not really one to have a lot of, like, crazy stuff on stage. I feel like it’s more about the music, so I don’t want to take away from that.”

On covering a song on tour: “I’m thinking about either going really nice, ’80s rock, or maybe soulful, like Aretha (Franklin).”

On the new album, “Here We Go Again”: “I think ‘Don’t Forget’ was a lot more Jonas sounding. It had a little more of their feel on it. But this album is just me. I felt a little more confident this time, but I also felt like it was a little more pressure. I feel like, for me, this is definitely a step forward. I was really, really nervous making the album, but I feel like it’s come together. I’m really, really, really excited about it.”

On the album, Demi co-write one of the new songs, “Can’t Stop the World,” with Nick Jonas. Other collaborators this time include John Mayer on two tracks, “World of Chances” and “Shut Up and Love Me,” singer-songwriter Jon McLaughlin and The Academy Is… frontman William Beckett, who teamed with Lovato on “For the Love of a Daughter,” which is about her relationship with her father after her parents’ 1994 divorce.

Sounds like an awesome album! We can’t wait!