Mitchel Musso Talks About His Tattoo & Performs on KTLA


Mitchel Musso chatted with recently and opened up about the tattoo he got when he turned 16:

“The pain was beyond annoying, but Musso has no regrets about getting a tattoo. “It says ‘Sam M Unsurpassed,’ ” he says of the tat that covers his left shoulder blade. “Sam [is] my dad, and ‘unsurpassed’ means he can’t be beat.”

He also chats about his curfew, Metro Station and more:

He Still Has a Curfew: Even though his days consist of filming or recording, Musso says he’s just like every other kid. “[My parents] call me and tell me, ‘You’re still 17, Mitch. You need to be home by 11 o’clock.’ ”

He’s Danger-Prone: “I’ve broken my collarbone, my leg, my arm, a couple fingers,” he says. “Growing up my heart was after skateboarding, [but] I broke a couple bones while shooting Hannah Montana and they did not like me for it. So I quit.”

He’d Love to Duet with a Rapper: “I’m such a little punk thug,” he says. “I love Cash Money Millionaires – Lil Wayne, Birdman.” But who’s poster does he have up? Eminem. “Eminem and Dr. Dre have been on set with their kids. Both of them were down to earth, thuggish, but cool. Little Haley (Eminem’s daughter) was chillin’ in my room the whole show. She’s so sweet. She didn’t talk that much though. I think she was kind of freaked out because I had a poster from 8 Mile on my wall.”

He Helped form the Band Metro Station: “I’m the mastermind behind Metro Station,” he declares of the pop/rock band containing his older brother Mason and Miley Cyrus’s older brother Trace. The two bros initially hung out when Musso and Cyrus had them on the Hannah set. “They ended up playing guitar for a couple of hours in my dressing room. A month and a half later Metro Station was created. Six months after that they were touring and now they’re opening for Fall Out Boy and Katy Perry.”

Be sure to pick up Mitchel’s debut album at a store near you or on iTunes. Mitchel is having a free concert at the Grove in LA on Friday night at 8pm. KSM will be opening and even Miley Cyrus is planning on going…she tweeted: i am coming @mitchelmussos free concert at the grove! are you comin??? maybe he will let me sing with him!

Yesterday, Mitchel also performed his song, “Do It Up” on KTLA.