Twitpic Fun W/ Miley, Demi, Debby, etc


Demi Lovato had a photoshoot with Popstar! Thursday afternoon. Popstar tweeted from the shoot: Demi told us to tell everyone that she’s looking for a boyfriend!!. Carter Jenkins replied and said: hey popstar- wanna play cupid for me? to which they replied Okay, Carter, she giggled and said to say hello! You owe us. We want the exclusive dating pictures when they happen! :0)

Popstar let Demi post the above preview of the photoshoot. What do you think?

Debby Ryan twitpic with Brenda Song: Me and Bren on set! Dressed for snow! Can you guess where we ‘docked’ this week?!

Miley Cyrus twitpic: Hi. I am Miley and this is my bestfriend Mickey.

Emily Osment myspace pic: Amy Hansen and Sherri Simmons my hair and makeup team. looove them!!!!!