Exclusive: Nicholas Braun Chats About “PPP” & “10 Things”


-ABC Family’s new show, “10 Things I Hate About You,” officially started filming today. Check out our new interview with Nicholas Braun, who plays Cameron on the show. We chat about the show, “Princess Protection Program,” his height, his other acting projects, hitting on Molly Ringwald and more.

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On his height & stand-ins: I am 6’4. When stand-ins come in while I’m off camera, they usually have to stand on an apple box to make themselves a foot and a half inch taller. I had an old man that actually made a custom stand-in box. He’d come in and he was like 80 years old and he’d stand on his little box. It was really cute. He took it very seriously.

On his characted “Ed” in “Princess Protection Program”: Ed..Edwin. He’s kind of quirky. He really likes films. He always has a video camera around, kind of a stalker in a sense, but he has the biggest crush for Selena Gomez’s character “Carter.”

On his favorite scene from “Princess Protection Program”: I think the scene at the bowling alley was the most fun. We shoot this scene where Selena and Demi [Lovato] come up to me. They need to get bowling shoes because I work at the bowling alley. So Selena comes up to me and I go get her shoes because I already know her size, because I love her. Demi has no idea what’s going on because she’s this princess that’s never bowled before. Demi was hilarious.

Fun fact about the scene: Demi and Selena, their day was up because they were under 18. So whenever the camera is on me, I’m reading with people that aren’t [them]. I think I was talking to a guy at one point, then Samantha Droke stepped in for Selena. It’s definitely not Selena and Demi.

On his character “Cameron” in “10 Things I Hate About You”: Cameron is, I wouldn’t say he’s a dork or a loser. He’s a different breed, but he likes it. He’s in the A/V club, he plays trumpet and loves math, but he embraces that. He loves himself, but no girls like him. On the first day of school, he sees this girl who’s never been to school before. [She] doesn’t know that he’s sort of a social outcast and he just totally falls for her. And that’s Meaghan [Martin’s] character “Bianca.”

Favorite scene from the pilot episode of “10 Things”: I love all my scenes with Meaghan [Martin] because it’s so fun to be so unsure of myself and not sure what to say to her. I love the first scene when she comes up to the locker and as she’s walking away, I just say “I love you.” It breaks your heart for Cameron. He just wants a girlfriend so bad.

On his favorite role he’s done so far: Sky High was fun. I played Zach, the bright bleach blond haired kid. I was kind of wannabe gangster and there was a ton of funny lines they wrote for me in that movie.

On what show he’d love to guest star on: Entourage would be the one. I would do one line on that show. I love it.

Watch the interview below for the rest!


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