Justin Gaston Has Nightmares About Paparazzi


Justin Gaston is featured at Details.com. He opens up to the magazine about why he’d like Ashton Kutcher or Johnny Depp to play him in a movie, having nightmares about paparazzi and more.

Excerpt: The move Justin Gaston suddenly pulls could easily cause a 9-year-old girl’s head to explode from excitement. In the midst of talking about Scripture, he yanks up his shirt and tugs his pants down to reveal a toned left flank with a long tattoo that runs down to the top of his buttock. “It’s Psalm 7:8, ‘Judge me, O Lord, according to my righteousness,'” says the 20-year-old singer-songwriter-model, a kid you’re reading about, let’s be honest, because he’s Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend. As the sun sets, the rangy six-footer with bovine brown eyes capped by dogwood-thick eyebrows, gazes from a hotel suite overlooking Venice Beach. “I don’t want to be judged—so I put it on my body in an attempt to become that bold.”

A little courage would certainly help him bear the scrutiny that comes with being the beau of Hannah Montana, as would heavenly protection from the near-Biblical plague of overweight men wielding cameras—Gaston admits to lately having had nightmares punctuated by paparazzi flashes.

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