Savvy & Mandy Heat Up Six Flags


-Radio Disney stars Savvy and Mandy celebrated the opening of Terminator the Salvation ride at Six Flag with a concert on Saturday afternoon. The sisters rocked out with their songs, including their latest, “Shell Shocked,” which you can request on Radio Disney. Also in attendance were friends Brando Eaton & Jansen Panettiere. Check out pics and video below. (Vid Credit: JBrofan)

Mandy tweeted about the event: Today was so much fun! Good show:) Now i am with my friends at Six Flags on rides. woohoo! Tonight was so much fun! Now im driving home. I rode the new Terminator ride and it was insane! Savvy tweeted: just finished our show at six flags, it was wayyy hot. but fun. gonna go to six flags again soon and go on the rides 😀.

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