Jennette McCurdy Had An Exciting Week


“iCarly” star Jennette McCurdy had an exciting week last week. She released her new single, “Homeless Heart,” which you can purchase on iTunes HERE. She also attended the “American Idol” finale and met David Cook, AND she got to meet two of her favorite musicians, John Mayer and Taylor Swift at Taylor’s concert at the Staples Center. Check out her blog below for the details and pics:

Hey guys!

I want to thank all my frans who downloaded “Homeless Heart” – my new single. It was written by the incredible songwriters Andreas Carlsson, Desmond Child, and Harry Sommerdahl. When I get together with songwriters to write songs, often times we’ll look at old songs to get inspiration for new songs. When I ran across the lyrics to Homeless Heart, I thought they were so beautiful. I think we’ve all had a time in our life when we feel like we were on the outside looking in and just want to be understood and excepted for who we are on the inside, and need help from our friends in that hard time. I always remembered this song. I’ve been writing a lot of original songs with my co-writers and my producer, but this song always stayed with me, so I wanted to record it on behalf of my little friend Cody, with whom I truly had a “soul-to-soul connection”. I’m so grateful that you guys took it to #43 on iTunes country charts within the first few days. I’m very thankful that I can always count on you guys, my team, to be there for me! I hope you continue to support “Homeless Heart” and tell all your family and friends to download it!

This has been an exciting week! On Wednesday, I went to the American Idol finale. Mind you, I’ve been a huge American Idol fan since I was 10 years old! I worked all day, and literally ran out of the iCarly studio to the car. My mom and I barely made it in time! When we arrived there, we could feel the excitement in the air. At the Nokia Theatre, there were a lot of great American Idol fans that were also fans of iCarly! I got to meet a lot of them. It’s always really cool to see the faces of the people who tune into the show! The AI show was incredible… I loved all the guests and the songs that they sang! Oh! And I got to meet David Cook! WOW! He’s so nice and cool!!! I love his CD! 🙂

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Yesterday, I finished up another episode of a really funny episode of iCarly that I think you’ll all love! If you check out , you can see a lot of behind-the-scenes pictures from the episode. I got off at about quarter after 8, changed my clothes in two minutes, and was running down the stairs so fast that I tripped and almost fell, but caught my balance just in time. My mom and I were laughing so hard. And again, we made it just in time (are you sensing a pattern here?). It was a FANTASTIC concert, in every way, shape, and form. Taylor Swift was amazing and put on such a wonderful show. I’m an even bigger fan now than I was before – if that’s even possible! And THEN………. I got to go backstage to meet Taylor Swift and her very special guest, JOHN MAYER! What an honor to be in the same room with such greats! They were both unbelievably kind. I’d say: downright some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I told John Mayer, “Hey, we have a special bond… our initials are the same.” He found humor in that. I asked him if I could hug him and he said, “You better!” Then I made a weird excited noise. If you could spell out the noise I made, I think it would be something like “mehbvlsje!” So then what does he do but go “mehbvlsje!” back! AHHH! Taylor was beautiful in every way. So kind and genuine. Not affected one bit. I also got to meet her mom and she was unbelievably kind as well! Basically, the night was a night filled with awesomeness and kindness. 🙂 . Come on now!

This coming week, I have a two day hiatus! I’m going into the recording studio to finish recording some original songs for the album, and maybe write a couple more!

Thanks again for ALL your support and please continue to spread the word about “Homeless Heart”! I appreciate your team effort!


Jennette 🙂