Debby Ryan Dishes About Her Sweet 16


Debby Ryan’s sweet 16 bash was last weekend and she posted a new myspace blog about the party. Check it out below as well as her pre-party video. Check out the August issue of Popstar! for more exclusive coverage and also check out their exclusive blog coverage. Also, CONGRATS to Debby for winning the female newcomer Poptastic award!

May 17th-So Sweet
WHAT- My Sweet 16 was this past Sunday. It was just like a dream.
HOW- Popstar magazine sponsored my party and my mom, publicist Laura Ackermann and Alex Heller made it happen.
MY AWARD– YOU gave this to me and it was one of the greatest gifts I could get! You voted me the “Favorite Female Newcomer of the Year” for the 8th Annual Popstar Awards. This is my very first award and I love it. Matt from Popstar presented it to me shortly after I arrived.
MY DRESS- Cathryn Wagner the SLOD stylist and the one who created Hannah Montana’s original look, my mom and I found the dress. The wonderful ladies in the wardrobe department made a change or two that I suggested to make it a little different.
TIARA AND GIFT BAGS- Nancee Borgnine and Steve Stein were in charge of my gift bags, decorating and presented me with an amazing tiara. I felt like a princess. I still can hardly believe that everything was for me that night.
FRIENDS- All of my best old friends and my amazing new friends were there. My best friend Emma was there of course. has pictures posted on the website at You will get to hear and read a lot about it in the August issue of Popstar Magazine. A few of my very close friends were out of town on work and couldn’t come but they were so sweet to call me and wish me a happy birthday. I feel so blessed.

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NTERTAINMENT- My brother, Chris Ryan sang a song that we love to sing together called “Trouble” by Never Shout Never. I felt so honored that his singing debut was at my party. He’s amazing. The America’s Got Talent dance crew Awakening (my brother and I toured with some of their members when we were 11 and 13 years old) drove all the way from Texas to dance at my party. They danced every 30-40 minutes and even started a conga line. (fun!) My friend Josh Golden played 2 of his own songs for the crowd. Justin Kredible walked around and did AMAZING magic tricks for my guests throughout the night. He is so funny and talented. He then went up on the roof top stage with me and did this levating table trick. I even got to help. He did the same trick on Rachael Ray’s show. He’s just in-crebile!

PHOTO BOOTH- We had a keyshot photobooth there and my guest got to take fun, serious and goofy pictures.

CAKES- The birthday cakes were from Coldstone Creamery and they were so delicious and beautiful.

I didn’t want this perfect night to end. I am still amazed that this was all for me. Thank you all for the birthday wishes and videos and again for voting me your “Favorite Female Newcomer of the Year”

Here is an exclusive video just for my fans