Selena, Push Play & More Fan Encounters


Here’s a few fan encounters we received a while ago but never had a chance to post:

Soha sent in a drawing of Honor Society while Lexy & crazy7326 shared some pics with Push Play & Phil Bensen.

Click inside for more pics, vids & encounters

Lexy’s encounters: ENCOUNTER NUMBER 1!!!!!
me and my friend carolyn really love the band push play.
we had never been to a concert before and one day we
heard they were gonna be in the area so we bought tickets.
we drove the 2 hours to philadelphia which was the best
choice ever. at the shows, if you buy 10 dollars of merch,
you get a meet and greet bracelet. so carolyn and i bought
the cd and a few other little items that came out to be enough
for both of us to get in. the show was amazing but after the
show, things got way better. the girls in charge made us all
line up against the wall to form the line for the meet and greet.
as we were standing there waiting, 3 of the guys, Steve, Nick,
and Derek, walked by. I was startled and i was like “Woah, hey”.
the are all super nice and they were like “hey whats up. did you
enjoy the show”. then a few minutes later, CJ walked by. and
at the time, he was my favorite and i was like “Hey CJ! high five?”
and of course he gave me a high five and he chatted for a few seconds.
that day, we also met phil bensen. he was opening for them. he’s
opened for the jonas brothers so carolyn had met him before.
it was my first time but hey was realllllllly nice.

we live in a small town in pennsylvania. push play is from new york.
all of their shows are usually in that general area. when carolyn and i
heard that they would be playing a special valentine’s day show at the
crazy donkey, we decided we had to go. with no other way there,
it looked like i would be driving. amazing right? WRONG!!!!!!
we left early on the morning of 2/14/09 to start the drive.we picked
up two new friends that were going to ride up with us in harrisburg,
and from there, we headed to new york. Getting to the state was
no problem at all. all the problems started once we got there. we
got lost, turning a 5 hour drive into a 7 hour drive. once we got there,
we waited and decorated the car, and we were so early, no one
was even there yet. around noon, the band arrived. and since we
were so early, we got to hang out with them before the show while
they helped unload their truck (yes they do that, they’re so cool).
and we got to take pics with nick and cj since they were the only
ones outside when we decided to take pics. and then carolyn had
won meet and greet with phil bensen. after waiting allll day, we
were freezing, we had not been in heat for over 8 hours and we
were tired. once inside to meet phil, we knew that the worst was over.
or so we thought. right before going inside, i realized my keys were
missing, i had locked them in my car. 7 hours from home. but
luckily there was a really nice girl whose dad could pick the lock
and get them out for us. it only took him until AFTER the concert tho.
but anyways, meeting phil was so over whelming for both of us. i was
the first to hug him and i automatically began crying. but i managed to
keep it on the downlow. just because i didnt know if it was happiness
from being inside or from meeting phil. it could have been both. but
carolyn broke down. phil told her it would all be okay. which made
both of us feel better. after the meet and greet, we got 2nd row seats
for the show. WOOP WOOP! at this show, like the others, if you spent
10 dollars on merch you get meet and greet. well this one was hectic.
there was no order whatsoever and it took FOREVER! after finally
getting up to the guys, i had lost what they were going to sign for me
and walked away with a hug. i was happy. the guys say that locking
my keys in the car, driving so far, and waiting so long will go down in
history with them.