Mitchel Musso Takes Over Radio Disney


Mitchel Musso took over Radio Disney last weekend and also premiered his new single “Hey.” Popstar! chatted with Mitchel at the RD Studios. Check out some of it below and read the full story HERE.

POPSTAR!: What is your favorite song on the album?

US AGAINST THE WORLD. I love the layers of that song and the way it sounds with two people is just amazing. The harmonies are great and it just adds a complexity that gives it a fantastic sound.

POPSTAR!: Who is your greatest musical influence?

Metro station totally inspires me and it’s definitely reflected on the album. It’s not just because Metro Station is a phenomenal group, it’s because it’s my older brother. He’s always going to be my role model no matter what, even if he wasn’t a musician. He’d still be my role model for life. He has been my music idol and I’m about to go on tour with them this summer so I’m very excited. This is like a dream for me, exactly where I want to be, so I’m thrilled.

POPSTAR!: Tell us about the reaction to your new haircut.

It looks different everyday to me. Sometimes it’s longer, sometimes it’s shorter depending on if I use the straight iron. My old haircut looked the same everyday. I just went out and did it. I didn’t tell anyone, not even the producers of Hannah Montana. I have to reshoot an episode I already shot because we have to match my hair! I went to the salon and said I want you to chop my hair off and dye it jet black. It was funny because I was sitting there, under the dryer, with twelve elderly women. I looked like a menace next to them! I’ve never dyed or highlighted so it was different, but I like it and it’s much easier to maintain.

PS Due to timing, etc we weren’t able to get a chance to do our interview with Mitchel on Saturday, but we will be rescheduling it…so thanks to everyone who sent in questions. We’ll let you know when we do our interview.