Sammi Hanratty Teams Up With joins forces with CSEE & Boy Meets Girl for Stand Up to Bullying


Demi Lovato isn’t the only one taking a stand against bullying. Actress Sammi Hanratty (An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong) has teamed up with Boy Meets Girl and The Center for Social and Emotional Education (CSEE) for Bully Bust 2009. For more info, read the story below:

Stacy Morgenstern Igel Creative Director/Founder of Boy Meets Girl® has joined forces with The Center for Social and Emotional Education (CSEE) and teen actress Sammi Hanratty for Bully Bust 2009, an awareness campaign designed to create conversation and spread resources about preventing bullying and violence in schools. Through this campaign, students will have an opportunity to SHARE their stories, PLEDGE their commitment to the cause, GAIN ACCESS to key supports, and CREATE their own YouTube video messages of hope and solidarity.

Stacy has created a limited edition 100% cotton organic tee with her signature Boy Meets Girl® iconic contemporary brand to help spread awareness about the campaign to kids across the country (see above). Supporters of the cause will receive this exclusive t-shirt when they make an online donation of $50 or more at: Proceeds go directly to CSEE’s anti-bullying programs, and will give parents, students, and educators at schools-in-need vital tools to stop harmful bullying and harassment.

Sammi Hanratty recently starred in the HBO movie, An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong, where she played American Girl of the Year Doll Chrissa, who moves to a new school mid-year and learns how to stand up to bullying. Sammi is passionate about raising awareness for bully prevention. She will be wearing the exclusive “Stand up” t-shirt at select appearances nationwide and will be speaking out about the importance of STANDING UP and STANDING STRONG together against bullying in interviews, on her site:, and through the network.

Bully Bust 2009 is launching on May 28, 2009 with a call for all students to sign the Stand Up to Bullying Pledge:

Support those around me who are being bullied or victimized

Tell a friend, teacher or parent when I see someone being bullied

Ask myself, “how would I want to be treated?”

Note where and when bullying occurs (bathroom, playground, online) and

Do something when I see someone being bullied – be an UPSTANDER

Understand why bullies bully

Practice being a good role model for my fellow students and share “STAND UP to bullies” strategies

This fall, schools across the country will be invited to participate in a “Stand Up to Bullying” YouTube video contest, in which students can create positive messages that promote upstander behavior and strategies in schools. Students, parents, and educators interested in learning more can join the Bully Bust 2009 cause on Facebook, MySpace, and at to stay updated on this exciting project and receive tips for Standing Up to bullying in their own schools.