APFED Honors Sarah Wisely, Demi Lovato & Ned Specktor


-On Monday evening, Apfed.org hosted a special dinner to honor the 2010 Ambassadors: Demi Lovato and Ned Specktor (Jonas Group). We first learned about Eosinophilic Disorders when we met Sarah Wisely in Hershey, PA last July. She told us her story and about her life living with the disease and a feeding tube. We couldn’t help but take an immediate interest in trying to help out Sarah.

We had the chance to hang out with Sarah again in Allentown, PA last summer and she had the chance to meet Demi and Ned in a meet and greet. The rest…is history. Ned and Demi immediately clicked with Sarah and her story touched their hearts. They made such an impact on Sarah that she wanted to honor them. Because of Sarah, and the help of Apfed, Demi and Ned were named the 2010 Ambassadors for the organization.

For those that don’t know what EOS is, please visit apfed.org. In short, the people with the disease cannot eat normal foods, if any at all. They live off a special formula which is given to them through a feeding tube. It is a rare disease and doctors are working to try and find a cure.

We had the extreme honor of attending the special dinner last night. While it was filled with fun chatter, dancing and dinner, it was also an emotional night. Videos about the disease were shown to educate the audience and to show how those that struggle with the disorder live day to day. Sarah Wisely made a short speech to explain why she wanted to honor Ned and Demi, and then both Ned and Demi made touching speeches.

You can view pics and the speeches below. And again, please check out Apfed.org to find out how you can help!