Behind the Scenes of Let It Go w/ Tiffany & Mitchel


-Check out the full music video for “Let It Go” by Tiffany Thornton and Mitchel Musso, then stay tuned after for a behind the scenes look and interview with the stars. The music video is featured in the double feature DVD of “Dadnapped” & “Hatching Pete,” which hits stores on May 12th.

On the song: Tiffany: It’s a super uptempo like really fun. We both kind of rap.
Mitchel: It’s really a crowd amper. It makes you want to dance.

On the video: Tiffany: This is my first music video ever. So I was really nervous when I got here. It’s like acting and singing all at the same time. Sometimes you have to pretend there’s someone there when there’s not anyone there. It’s kind of exciting to see what they’re going to put in the background. It’s so much fun. Getting a good workout and dancing around.

On the movie: Mitchel: It’s all about a kid who isn’t very good at what he does. He gets one of his buddies to kind of fill in for him and ends up becoming super popular because he’s amazing at what he does. But it’s not really him.

On singing: Tiffany: My mom said that when I was a baby, she used to come into my room in the morning and I’d be in my crib and I’d be singing to myself in my crib. I’ve always loved it. It’s something that’s so close to my heart. I sang the national anthem at a lot of sporting events where I’m from and I grew up singing in church. With acting you’re pretending to be another person and with singing you’re just sharing who you are with the world.
Mitchel: I used to do musical theater when I was little little. I played piano and did recitals and everything. I’ve been involved with music ever since I can remember.