Jennette Talks New Music, Show and more


Jennette McCurdy has been a busy bee lately. She blogged on her official website about what she’s been up to:

New single!!!

Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you!!! 🙂

This past week, I got some new songs that I’m excited to record. I’ve been practicing those a lot, as well as just listening to a ton of music. It seems like 10 songs get stuck in my head every day. It’s very fun – and quite confusing. I’ll be singing one song and then, somehow, that song will just sort of mesh into another song, which will mesh into another song, and so on and so forth. It’s like a crazy 10-song, 4-genre, 5-minute medley. Did that even make any sense? haha.

This past weekend was way busy and way cool! I did a photoshoot with my friends at Tiger Beat and BOP magazines. There were great set-ups, backgrounds, and props that I got to work with! Every person involved with the shoot was so kind, friendly, and supportive. I’ll be sure to let you know when the pictures from this photoshoot start running in the magazines!

I also did an incredibly cool Nickelodeon promo-shoot with one of my dearest friends, ASHLEY ARGOTA! (Hi, A!). We had so much fun together. We got to ride around on a HUGE, orange double-decker bus with the Nickelodeon splash logo across either side. The license plate said “DBL TRBLE” on it. If you’re wondering why it said “DBL TRBLE”, it’s because…..

Ashley and I were promoting Nickelodeon’s DOUBLE TROUBLE NIGHT – May 16th! There’s a crazy new episode of iCarly ( it’s actually one of my favorites!) followed by an all-new True Jackson, V.P. (the episode that I guest-starred in!!) . It’s a big ole night of premieres!!! I know that Ashley and I had a BLAST shooting our promos for Double Trouble Night, so I can only hope that you guys will have DOUBLE the fun watching as we did filming! haha.

Here are 5 random behind-the-scenes facts from our DOUBLE TROUBLE NIGHT promo-shoot …
1. Ashley and I decided that “AP” should stand for arm-pit, instead of “Advanced Placement”. haha.
2. I had 6 beaded bracelets on, but had to remove them because they were too loud for the sound department!
3. Ashley and I loved singing songs between takes. Some of the songs we were singing were “I Know You Won’t”, “Halo”, “Too Little Too Late”, and “Single Ladies” (accompanied by the dance, of course)!
4. Even though I’m up in Hollywood all the time for work, I think the fact that this whole promo was shot from the top of a double-decker tour bus means that this was my very first tour of Hollywood! haha! How cool!
5. A swarm of bees attacked the bus and nearly stung me. I freaked out. You’ve gotta watch to see it! hahaha it was insane!

And last but not least, my next single, HOMELESS HEART, will be released on MAY 19th!!! I love the message in this song and I really hope you’ll love it, too. It’s dedicated to my dear friend Cody Waters… in fact, 20% of the proceeds will be going to the Cody Waters Foundation, in honor and loving memory of little Cody, who I miss so, so much…

Thanks for reading.

Til next week,
~ Jennette