Jonas Brothers Havin’ A Ball


USA Weekend chatted with the Jonas Brothers on the set of their show “JONAS” earlier this year. Check it out:

Having A Ball

On a soundstage in L.A., Nick Jonas, 16, pitches Wiffle balls into a net that is yards from the set where he and his brothers have just filmed a scene for their new TV series, “JONAS.” Wiffle ball is the lunchtime activity de rigueur for this trio of pop singers, and the games pretty much say it all about the vibe on the set — easygoing, collegial, devoid of the ego clashes that typically characterize a star-driven production. While Nick lobs balls, Kevin, 21, munches on a chocolate-covered ice cream cone and wanders around, chatting with the crew and cast. Joe, 19, is watching scenes from the show on a monitor and texting on his iPhone.

This morning, the JoBros are sporting preppy duds for a scene at the Horace Mantis Academy, the fictional high school where the “Lucas Brothers” go when they’re not being rock stars. Sound familiar? That’s because art follows life — sort of — in “JONAS,” and the series is loosely based on the brothers’ real lives. Nick’s the serious one, Joe’s the heartthrob, and Kevin’s the footloose, goofy one. “The more over-the-top my character, the better,” Kevin says. “It’s fun to be the comic relief.”

The new series is yet another piece in a scheduling mix that is already packed with concerts and personal appearances. The change from being musicians to musicians and actors is the latest in a year that has transformed the JoBros from boy band into bona fide teen pop icons. The highlights: a nomination and performance with Stevie Wonder at the Grammys, a post-Oscar sit-down with Barbara Walters, “Saturday Night Live,” a movie (“Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience”) and even an inaugural eve concert with first daughters Sasha and Malia Obama.

But now it’s time to start shooting again — and maybe play another game of Wiffle ball.

What’s in the future for the Jonas Brothers?

Nick sees his future in music and songwriting, butalso wants to continue his education (perhaps at Northwestern University) and major in English.

Joe loves both music-making and acting. He dreams about traveling on his own — not only on concert tours — and lists Paris as his favorite city. “I want to discover new places and experience them for myself.”

Kevin is the eldest member of the Jonas Brothers at 21. He says performing is his “first love,” but he wants to try his hand at directing a few episodes of the next season of “JONAS.”