Exclusive: Meet his Orchestra


-We here at SO-M always love introducing fans to new music. Remember when we first posted about the Jonas Brothers in 2005 and Honor Society in 2007? We’ve posted about many other up and comers over the years too, and continue to do so.

We recently got to spend some time with a great indie band called his Orchestra. They aren’t your typical rock band. Each member plays multiple instruments and they offer what they describe as “orchestral pop.” It’s different and we love it. The band may have some familiar faces as well. The drummer is Raviv Ullman who you might know as Phil from “Phil of the Future” or Kip on his current gig, Lifetime’s “Rita Rocks.” The lead singer and guitar player is Douglas Smith who is on HBO’s “Big Love.”

Check out their interview below and some rehearsal footage. Their debut CD, Field Guide to the Wilds is available now on iTunes. Their music video for their song “Black Coffin” is online HERE. Be sure to check them out at myspace.com/hisorchestra and on twitter at twitter.com/hisorchestra.