Chelsea Staub Visits KTLA


Chelsea Staub appeared on KTLA this morning to promote “JONAS”. Chelsea just blogged about her bad luck with morning news:

I really enjoyed my morning at KTLA, starting with a greeting from a bohemian male model who could have passed for Josh Duhamel’s long lost twin. However, there is one thing I realized today: I have a curse when it comes to the morning news. Every time I am scheduled to appear, some major moment in American history is breaking that same hour.

For example, seventh grade. I’m preparing to do my segment. The date? 9/11. Obviously, my interview was postponed indefinitely.

One year later. I’m preparing to do my segment and fifteen minutes before I went live, President Bush held a press conference and declared war. At the time, I was participating in a musical called “School House Rock” and was excited to perform during my allotted slot. Sitting in my pink tutu, I figured the viewing public was not in the mood for a song about “Nouns” right now.

Fast forward… today. Once again, I’m preparing to do my segment and “Breaking News” flashes across the tv monitor. Obama takes over the screen and announces Chrysler’s bankruptcy. I sat in the green room listening to more disheartening news and came to this conclusion:

I should not be on the Morning News anymore. The fate of America depends on it.