Taylor Swift Performs at Bishop Ireton High School


Taylor Swift performed for some lucky fans at Bishop Ireton High School in Virginia on Tuesday. The school won a contest sponsored by Verizon. Taylor had a few days off from her tour and spent some time with bff Abigail in Lawrence, KS. She even attended one of Abigail’s classes!

Here’s the article from the Local Fox Station:

Taylor Swift treated some Alexandria high school students to their own private concert Tuesday afternoon.

Bishop Ireton High School, a co-ed, Catholic High School of 800 students won the campus concert by participating in the exclusive Verizon Wireless TXT2Win contest and having the highest number of qualified entries out of the thousands of participating high schools.

The school has just 800 students. But they sent thousands of text messages, beating out much larger schools to win the free concert.

Being in a high school brings back memories for 19-year-old Swift who graduated last year. The concert was about 12-thousand people less than her usual crowd, but just as loud.

“It’s so cool to play some place where you know you’re appreciated,” said Swift.

This concert was only for students at the school, no on else allowed in.
Not even the principal could bring his son.

Swift says she still wakes up every day surprised by all her success.