Chelsea Staub Counts Down Until “JONAS,” Nicole Clears Up Rumors


Chelsea Staub has started counting down the days till the premiere of “JONAS” on her twitter. She’s tweeting a pic each day. Today she tweeted a pic of her and Kevin Jonas and yesterday was with Nicole Anderson.

Meanwhile, people have been leaving mean comments towards Nicole Anderson on other websites regarding a recent interview. She took to her myspace to clear up the rumors:

For those of you who read, NONE OF THIS IS TRUE:

“Nicole Anderson, who plays Macy Misa in JONAS, chatted with Zach Sang on BlogTalkRadio, especially about how Nick and his brothers are kickball fiends:’They’re all super sporty. I thought, okay, they’re musicians, they’re actors, and then they pull out all these amazing skills at kickball. Once, I hit Nick in the head with the kickball.’

In her spare time, she quilts! And she is planning on teaching Nick Jonas to quilt as well. Also, she met BFF and costar Chelsea Staub when she fell on her face on a treadmill when she was trying to impress the boy she likes. Listen to the full interview here. Nick is now in Tennessee working on music with Leeland. Picture under!”

What is true (as you can hear if you listen to the phone interview):

I ACCIDENTALLY hit Nick with a whiffle ball in his chest during a practice swing. It was an ACCIDENT and I did not mean any harm to Nick Jonas.

I’m not going to teach Nick how to quilt because as I quoted, “I dunno, Nick doesn’t really seem like the quilting type”.

And I met Chelsea at an acting class. We did hang out afterwards and I did fall on a treadmill- but it obviously was not to impress the guy I liked. He was there, was not impressed, and I was embarrassed… which is why that was considered one of my most embarrassing moments.

So you girls can stop with the death threats. Thanks!