Nicole Anderson: “I Hit Nick Jonas With A Kick Ball!”


Zach Sang from WZAP chatted with “JONAS” star Nicole Anderson recently. Some highlights:

– Talks about how the JBs, especially Nick, are kickball fiends. “They’re all super sporty. I thought, okay, they’re musicians, they’re actors, and then they pull out all these amazing skills at kickball!”

– Once hit Nick in the head with the kickball.

– Nicole and Zach plan on making the ultimate kickball team to take down the “Brothers”.

– In her spare time, she quilts! And she is planning on teaching Nick Jonas to quilt as well!

– She has major stage fright.

– Met BFF and co-star Chelsea Staub when she fell on her face on a treadmill when she was trying to impress the boy she likes!

Listen to the interview below. “JONAS” premieres May 2nd!