Emily Osment Shares Her Playlist


Emily Osment popped into her myspace blog to share her current music playlist:

I created a new playlist for you and I think it’s important to explain what’s on my playlist and why. I think a playlist is more than a playlist. It’s an audible diary of the week. If I ever had a legitimate “Dear Diary” it would be Moby Dick by day three. I’m in love with words and I’ll never restrain myself. Enjoy the playlist and go fetch these songs if you don’t have them already.

Check out what made her list:

1. 100.3 is no doubt my favorite station when I drive. Never in the past have I disconnected my iPod and turned on the radio until now. They play everything from Springsteen to the Chili Peppers. Check em out if you live in LA, they play good solid music like HARD SUN BY EDDIE VEDDER.

2. I recently have become obsessed with Genius from iTunes, it’s very helpful. One day while making a Genius playlist for the song “Dashboard” by Modest Mouse, THINK IM IN LOVE BY BECK showed up with it and I suddenly remembered how much I love that song. When you have as much Beck as I do, sometimes awesome songs like “Think I’m In Love”, “Gamma Ray” and “E-Pro” get lost in the funk.

3. Not the biggest James Bond fan in the world, but there was no way I wasn’t going to see Quantum of Solace. JUST ANOTHER WAY TO DIE BY JACK WHITE AND ALICIA KEYS is probably the most perfect theme song ever.

4. Recently celebrated my Dad’s birthday and for his party I made a four-hour playlist. THE GREAT BEYOND BY R.E.M. was on there and of course I fell back in love with Michael Stipe.

5. My friend Peter loves the VIOLENT FEMMES and we’re always singing KISS OFF. Literally when I see him I just start singing, “I take one, one, one cuz ya left me…”

Songs 6 through 10 inside…

6. No explanation needed for why THERE THERE (THE BONEY KING OF NOWHERE) BY RADIOHEAD on the playlist this week. It’s Radiohead. Duh!

7. On set last week I went to lunch still in my Lola Luftnagle getup and I swear at least three people started singing “Lola lalalalaLola”. Needless to say LOLA BY THE KINKS made the list.

8. 99% of the time when I’m driving I turn on GOLD LION BY THE YEAH YEAH YEAHS (when I’m not listening to 100.3 J). Such a stellar song, the music video rocks my world. Check out their most recent album It’s Blitz, “Zero” and “Soft Shock” are my favorites off that record.

9. Ohhhhhhh TOM PETTY. Oh how I love you. MARY JANE’S LAST DANCE is by far my favorite from the Heartbreakers. I chose this song for my Dad’s B-day party playlist as well.

10. My Mom can always tell when I’m playing PENNY ON THE TRAIN TRACK BY BEN KWELLER even though there are only three chords in that song. Don’t ask me how she does it. D-A-D-G could be almost any song off A Hard Day’s Night, but she knows her Ben Kweller and sings along downstairs.