Varsity Fanclub Merch Available Now!


Varsity Fanclub’s online store has officially launched. You can get VFC t-shirts and more. Check it out HERE. Thomas from VFC has also launched his women’s clothing line, called Adisson Apparel. You can check that out HERE.

AND, VFC will be doing a new project…like Big Brother. They’re moving into a new house together and you’ll be able to see the guys 24/7. Check out their latest blog:

Hey everyone our first line of VFC fan appreciation merchandise is now available only on VFC.CINSAY.COM Check it out and we are autographing the first 5000 t-shirt orders so hurry before their all sold out. Also watch us for free on the Varsity Fanclub Channel only on CINSAY.COM under originals. Sign up and build a profile and we can video chat with all you fans. And make sure you download the IPhone CINSAY app and watch VFC for free. We will be doing live webcasts from CINSAY very soon AND (drumroll))) We will be moving into a new house within the next month and putting cameras in it so you can watch us 24/7 around the clock whenever you want LIVE! Think of it as the show Big Brother but band style and without the commercials 🙂 We’re nervous and very excited all at the same time, we can’t wait!!! Also, don’t forget we are playing at CINESPACE May 4th in Hollywood and Darien Lake Resort Park in Darien NY May 16th. We love all of you and can’t wait to see and talk to you soon.

-Varsity Fanclub