Simon Curtis & Other Stars Team Up with Deko & Posh


-The Dekoposh mascots, Deko and Posh, along with a number of volunteers will be visiting the children at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA and their families on April 27, 2009 from 2:00pm – 4:00pm to do Arts & Crafts. Deko and Posh will share in a day of fun with the children along with Celebrities—Kristina Apgar from the CW hit-show Privileged, Tracy Hutson from ABC Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Aria Wallace from Roxy Hunter and iCarly, Austin Anderson singer and dancer with plays on Radio Disney, Daechelle is a recording artist, her song “Fearless” is featured on the Bratz Movie and Bratz CD, and Simon Curtis from the new Nickelodeon original TV movie, Spectacular. In addition to doing Arts & Crafts with the children, we will be gifting them products donated by many different com-panies that were compelled to participate in this program once they heard about the event.
This program is an illustration of what we can accomplish together if we col-laborate towards a shared goal or vision. The mission of dekoposh inc., is to empower V.I.T.s (very important tweens and teens) to make positive changes today for a better tomorrow by volunteering, giving back, becom-ing leaders, and teaching others to do the same.

“We are very excited about doing this program with Mattel Children’s Hospi-tal UCLA. We look forward to making this program a tremendous success”, said Dina Thomas-Virrueta—President and Founder of dekoposh Inc., “This program exemplifies the spirit that we foster at dekoposh Inc., and we are grateful for the new relationships we have formed as a result of this pro-gram”…added Dina .

We expect to visit a total of 68 kids and share a memorable day with them. We have several Arts & Crafts for them to do including a build a purse kit, a doll house and fire station made by reusing different containers and boxes. The key take away with the Arts & Crafts is that they are created from re-cyclables. This was done on purpose to encourage kids to think green and explore opportunities to recycle in their own ways.

For more on Dekoposh, go HERE. Simon and other young stars will also be participating in the Jeans Bring Dreams event on Saturday, April 25th. For more info on that and how to meet the stars, go HERE.