SO-M Exclusive: Tiffany Thornton Chats About Hatching Pete & SWAC


-In honor of “Hatching Pete” opening Friday on Disney channel, here’s part 1 of our exclusive interview with Tiffany Thornton. In this part, Tiffany chats about “Hatching Pete” & “Sonny With A Chance.” She also shows off her naturally curly hair, which she says people rarely see. Check back for more of our interview with Tiffany later today.


On her character in “Hatching Pete”: Her name is Jamie, and she’s the head cheerleader. She notices that the chicken starts to become really popular and funny so she decides she just has to be with the chicken. I don’t know that she’s as mean as Tawni. I think for the most part she wants to be popular, as popular as she can be. So she latches on to the chicken and in the end realizes it’s not what she thought it was.

Favorite memory from the set: We all went bowling one night in Utah. They had shot “Minutemen” there with Jason Dolley prior to that. These kids came up and asked Mitchel and Jason for their autographs…They asked Josie over and called me over and I was signing this piece of paper and they were like, “We loved you in “Minutemen”.” I was like, “umm, I’m not Chelsea Staub, but she’s great. Thank you.” It was so funny because they asked for my autograph and I was excited then I realized they didn’t know who I was. It’s ok I’ll be mistaken for Chelsea. She’s beautiful, I love her.

On Working With Selena Gomez on SWAC: I love Selena. She’s so funny. She and Demi are such great friends and they have crazy awesome chemistry when they’re on set…I actually guest starred on “Wizards of Waverly Place” before I ever even did the pilot for “Sonny With A Chance.” So it was kind of cool to see the tables turn a little bit…She’s such a joy to be around.

If She Could Write A Sketch For So Random, What Would It Be: I want to do Peter Pan and I want to play Tinker Bell and I want to make Demi be Peter Pan…I’m kidding. We want either Sterling or Brandon to be Peter Pan so they have to wear green tights all day on set. I don’t know, I just want to be Tinker Bell.

What She Wants To See Happen In Season 2: I hope that Tawni comes around a little more. I think the ice is breaking between her and Sonny…I would love to see Sonny and Chad maybe kiss…