Jennifer Stone Is A ‘Green’ Beauty, Talks WOWP, Twitter & More


Jennifer Stone looks lovely at the premiere of Disney’s Earth in a green dress she bought in Puerto Rico. We got the chance to chat with Jennifer on how she goes green, why twitter is so addictive (follow her at, “Wizards of Waverly Place” and more. And she gives the fans a special message as well.

On How She Goes Green: I got my Prius…I have my hybrid car. And I try to take my little tin water bottle around and fill that up instead of using plastic water bottles.

If She Could Be An Animal, What Would She Be: I would probably be a bird. I would just love to see how it is to fly, how amazing would that be, just to see earth from the sky. I’d go to the beach. I gues I’d be a seagull.

On Why Twitter Is Addicting: It’s so immediate. It’s immediate gratification…you always want to express yourself to people and it’s an immediate way to express that.

On the WOWP Movie: I don’t want to get in trouble, but I will say there’s a vacation involved.

Earlier in the week, Jennifer also helped plant a tree as part of the Green Hollywood Tree Planting. Check out pics of that HERE. Also, for every ticket sold during opening week of Earth, a tree will be planted in your honor. So be sure to go check out the movie! For more, visit