Zac Feels Bad For Escalator Fall


-Via WENN/Imdb:Zac Efron has apologized to the airport security guard he fell on while trying to escape the paparazzi on Tuesday.

The movie hunk was running away from snappers at Los Angeles International airport and had to run up and down an escalator to escape.

Unfortunately, a security guard helping him escape the photographers tripped and fell and Efron fell on top of him.

The actor says, “There were so many paparazzi. It was crazy… When there’s that many paparazzi, you can’t see. People start yelling. People get hurt.

“While I was running, the guy in front of me kind of fell and then I fell on top of him. It was kind of weird. The guy was not a bodyguard – he was just a guy from the airport helping out. I felt terrible.”

Check out the video below…Another reason paparazzi is dangerous…See pics HERE: