Sneak Peek of Ashley Tisdale’s Music Video


ET has an exclusive sneak peek at Ashley Tisdale’s new music video for “It’s Alright, It’s Ok.” The music video co-stars Adam Gregory:

The video showcases the single “It’s Alright, It’s Ok,” which Ashley says is “a big powerful anthem song.” It tells the story of a girl who is cheated on and then plots a way get revenge on her boyfriend.

Ashley admits that the video came from personal experience and that she too has been cheated on — but she adds it took place a long time ago. Despite the serious nature of the video, the actress/singer says she took a lighter approach. “It’s fun. It’s something that I wish I could have done when I was in that position.”

Ashley says she is excited that her new album Guilty Pleasure is coming out June 16 after more than a year of work. “I’ve worked so hard and it’s from my heart, so I hope everybody likes it.” You can catch the full music video on MySpace beginning April 21.

You can see pics from the video over at

And here’s the trailer from Ashley’s youtube.