Push Play Heading To California, Happy Bday Derek


-The boys of Push Play announced some big news on their myspace this morning. They are heading to California! Check it out below.

Also, Happy Birthday Derek Ries!!

Push Play Goes To Hollywood!!!!
Believe it or not we’ve been asked by award-winning directors/producers Jonathan McHugh and Amyn Kaderali of Song Stew Entertainment to star in a brand new webisode to episode series that follows the trials and tribulations associated with our digging to become the music industry’s next big pop rock act. Fans will be a big part of the screenplay as there will be incredible interaction throughout the 12 series format! The premise behind the show is that we want to get away from the ties that bind us at home so we tell our parents we need to move to where the action is: Hollywood. And we do. And you will see this. We will be filmed performing one last show on Long Island and then our trek to California will be documented along with everything else that transpires as we try to truly breakout and become known throughout the US and abroad. The webisodes will air this summer on the Internet and then will be brought to major network television for the pilot. We are thrilled to have the experience of REAL professionals to direct, produce, document and film this and we will need your help in getting a name for the show so please comment this blog with your ideas!

IN answer to everyone’s question: Is Push Play moving to California? The answer is YES! We rented a house near Venice Beach and we are relocating there. The 4 of us will live together, free of parental intrusion(yeah), to live our lives according to the way we see fit as prospering musicians.
The move will enable us to breakout in a fashion that we think will best suit our needs and give us an opportunity to grow and make mistakes and learn from them(like we don’t make a million mistakes already!!) We will also obviously keep our bedrooms at home and will certainly be back on Long Island as well but we feel that it is important to break in Hollywood because that’s where the studios and where the action is! California here we come!!
We will ALWAYS stay connected through myspace and plan on touring the US with back to back tours for the next 100 years so don’t worry about not seeing us.
We will always be in your face! Haha!
Love ya,
CJ, Steve, Nick and Derek