Miley Surprises Salt Lake City


Miley Cyrus kicked off her Surprise Theater Tour by dropping in on Salt Lake City Utah.

From ABC4:

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah (ABC 4 News) – Miley Cyrus made a surprise appearance at a South Jordan screening of Hannah Montana: The Movie on Friday.

The previews before the movie had already begun when the projector suddenly stopped and an announcer came out with a microphone explaining they were having technical difficulties.

The Disney TV and pop star then walked out in front of hundreds of fans at The District Theater and spoke to hundreds of shocked kids and adults.

Cyrus’ father Billy Ray also appeared to promote Friday’s nationwide opening of the movie based on the popular Disney Channel show.

Miley and Billy Ray then posed for some pictures with some of the kids.

The pair was expected to make similar appearances at other locations across the country.

Miley tweeted: “just surprised some people in salt lake citayyy! this is so fun :)”