John Mayer To Demi Lovato: “You’re going to make lots of records, I can tell”


Demi Lovato got the biggest compliment over twitter today. John Mayer tweeted: “I have ‘La La Land’ by @ddlovato stuck in my head. Actually, it’s not stuck. I’m choosing to sing it. B section is sophisticated.”

To which Demi responded: “Holy crap. THANK YOU. You’re so awesome.”

John proceeded to tell Demi she’d make a lot of records and gave her some advice: “Write one song at a time, never apologize for any of them, ever.”

Demi must have been super stoked because even bff Selena Gomez tweeted: “JOHN MAYER JUST TWITTERED ABOUT DEMI! SHES IS FREAKING OUT!!!!!!”

We agree with John! Demi, you’ll def make a lot of records! What would you do if your idol/hero gave you a compliment like that?