Demi Lovato Heads to the Studio


Demi Lovato showed her Texas pride as she was seen heading into the studio for a 6 hour session on Wednesday afternoon. She’s been busy working on her sophomore album and will tour this Summer. She recently tweeted: “Just finished a song about an egotistical, young hollywood actor, who thinks he’s the new heartthrob in town and can get any girl he wants…Hint: He’s orange. NOO it’s not Zac. Zac’s a sweetheart. I’m not saying who. Just wanted to let you guys know what my new song is about. :)”

Who do you think the song is about? Demi also twitpic’ed some pics from Dancing With the Stars. One with her mom and one with Etta James. Check it out.

Check out Popstar!’s video with Demi where she talks about her current obsession.