Tiger Beat’s Random Five With Nick Jonas


-Check out Tiger Beat’s random five questions with Nick Jonas:

Q: What do you like to put on your toast?
Nick: Jam, blueberry or strawberry jam. It’s the best. I don’t eat too much toast but when I do that’s what I put on it.
Q: What is your first thought when you see yourself on the cover of a magazine?
Nick: Usually I just feel honored to be a part of something like that. It’s kind of a surreal thing to see yourself on the cover of a magazine.
Q: Has anyone ever asked you to give them hair, saliva, fingernails etc?
Nick: One time we did this radio show with these two guys in Grand Rapids Michigan and they said they were holding a benefit that they would be able to sell our hair if we gave it to them. I think we did actually cut off a little piece of our hair, each of us and gave it to them so they could sell it and they came back a while later and said they got a lot of money for it and it was really successful.
Q: How do you make a girl feel special when you are always so busy?
Nick: I think it’s very important for people to feel appreciated and for someone to know you are thinking about them is always very important because you can say things so many times but actions speak louder than words.
Q: Have you had a recurring dream?
Nick: I was a spy and it was four dreams and I was a secret agent and going and doing crazy stuff. It was really funny because it kept happening like, four nights in a row. It was a good story actually, too bad I don’t remember it that well though. I would have written a best sellers book or something.