Popstar! On Set With Mitchel


Popstar! spent some time with Mitchel Musso on the set of his new music video for “Hey.” Check out some of the interview and a video below.

About the Video Concept: Mitchel: “The song is called ‘Hey’ first of all and it would be my second single off the album because “In Crowd” was kind of the first one. ‘Hey’ is almost mean, a little bit in a sense. The whole thing is hey, I’m screaming at you. Hey, I don’t care enough to write you a letter now that I’m doing better alone. It’s all about me breaking up with a girl and not caring at all. In the song it almost sounds mean but in the music video you can tell that I did care. That was the whole point.”

Popstar!: Is it easy for you to break up with someone and not care?

Mitchel: No, I don’t date somebody unless I like them so not at all.

Popstar!: You’ve been spotted at some events with Shawn Johnson. What’s going on there?

Mitchel: I have been hanging out with Shawn. Shawn is one of my really good friends. We spend a lot of time hanging out together but we’re just friends right now.