Lucas Admits To Dating Miley During Filming


Lucas Till paid a visit to Atlanta’s Star 94FM on Monday afternoon. Lucas talked about how he got into acting, the movie and answered some fan questions.

On If He’s Dating Anyone: “No, I’m actually not. I’m sorry I couldn’t be scandalous and tell you who I’m dating.”

On If He Ever Dated Miley Cyrus: “This is coming out now. Yes, I did. During the duration of the movie. [On if he’s good friends with her now] Of course I am. I think it will make the movie a little better cause it was definitely real. [On how long they dated] It was before Justin. [We dated] about 2 months.

Lucas also talks about Justin Gaston, Chick-fil-a and more.

Watch the interview below. FF to about 3:30 for the part about Miley. Check out Lucas’ interviews with MyFox Atlanta and CNN HERE.