Zac Models His 17 Again Character After His Dad


Zac Efron sat down with E! News to talk about the rumors he’s done with musicals, 17 Again and more.

On Why He Chose 17 Again: “It was the most interesting choice.”

On If He’s Done With Musicals: “I’m not done with musicals. I love them so much and I’ve had so much fun making them in the past. It’s just right now at this particular moment it feels like it’s time to change it up. I gotta shake things up a little bit to keep things interesting for me…There’s a whole lot I still have to learn. I don’t want to be stagnant.”

On Who He Styled The Dad Like Parts of His Character After: “A lot of it was after my dad. I could see a lot of the lines, there was a speech about condoms…I just feel like my dad, at one point, had that conversation with me and my little brother, and always delivered it very well. He was very passionate about it.”

Zac and co-star Thomas Lennon also chatted with Access Hollywood’s Dish of Salt. Watch that HERE.