Cody Linley Spits A Rhyme, Miley Talks Puppies


Popstar! is back with more interviews from the premiere of Hannah Montana: The Movie. Check out Cody Linley chatting about DTWS, basketball and more. He even spits a quick rhyme. Miley Cyrus chats about the cutest thing her puppy does and more!

PS…a ton of Disney stars are all together right now filming “Pass It On.” Miley tweeted that she’s on her way back to LA to film. Debby Ryan tweeted: “back doing promo stuff!! this time with EVERYONE haha wait til you guys see this! i think you’ll really like it! getting my hair braided in the Hair chair. & I’m surrounded by wizards! [of Waverly Place] and Jonases! haha” Can’t wait to see this video and hear the song!

Miley Tells The CUTEST THING Her Puppy Does!

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