Savannah Outen If You Only Knew Music Video


-Check out Savannah Outen’s new music video for her song “If You Only Knew.” Tony Oller is also in the video. We’re loving it. What do you think? Savannah also attended the premiere of Hannah Montana: The Movie on Thursday night.

She also updated her myspace blog about the premiere and you can see pics HERE.

Hey everyone!!!
I don’t even know where to start. The Hannah Montana Premiere was SO much fun. It was my first movie premiere so I was in aw with everything happening around me 🙂 I met Adam Gregory who is such a cutie. He’s on my favorite show 90210 🙂 And I met Trace and Mason from Metro Station. They are really cool guys. Taylor Swift was there, but I didn’t meet her. She looked gorgeous though! I caught a glimpse of her. I walked the red carpet with Debby Ryan, who is the sweetest girl ever. I love her brother too. He is really nice. It took us over an hour to finish the red carpet!! It was insane! Crazy madness! The LONGEST red carpet I have ever seen. I thought it was so funny how all the photographers were yelling my name. They were like “Savannah over here! Now over the shoulder! Blow a kiss!” I got interviewed by a lot of press. We talked about the hannah montana movie of course! And my new music video which is premiering on my youtube in a couple hours!!!!!! Everyone loved my eye props to Allan Avendano 🙂 I finally got to meet Katie and Karleigh on the carpet. They are so sweet. We actually hung out for a while after the premiere was over.
After the red carpet, we all went inside to watch the movie. Before we went into the theatre, they had buckets of popcorn for everyone. The buckets weren’t just any ordinary bucket. This was a miley/hannah bucket!! I thought it was so cute lol. Finally the movie!! It was AMAZING. It is such a good movie. You will laugh, smile and maybe even cry. It’s a really great family movie. You all HAVE to see it. You all are going to love Lucas Till too. He is sooo cute 🙂 After the movie, the movie screen said “the end”. So everyone was all sad and got ready to leave. Then the movie screen rised up and there was Miley with an orchestra standing behind her. Then she started singing the climb!!! It was the most amazing thing ever. So cool. The whole night was such an awesome experience. I loved meeting all the fans. They were so sweet. I had fun hanging with them and taking pictures. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole night. I had never been to the El Capitan theatre so that was cool for me to finally go 🙂
Well that was my experience and I can’t wait for you all to see pictures from that day.

xoxo Savannah