Emily, Miley and Billy Ray Get Unscripted


Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment and Billy Ray Cyrus interview each other for AOL Moviefone’s Unscripted series. Miley also filmed an AOL Music sessions, so be on the lookout for that.

On If Emily Does Her Own Stunts (Flips, etc): “I do. OMG after last week, oh man. Last week we had an episode where I fell off the back of the couch, I was hit with a surfboard and fell over…I can’t do back handsprings, but I can do round offs and cartwheels. For the movie I trained with Andy MacDonald (pro skateboard).”

On Who Billy Ray Would Cast As Miley’s Dad: “Harrison Ford.” Miley would pick Dwayne Johnson.

On What Miley Had for Breakfast: Miley: “Doritos, sunchips, there was pretzels then cheetos. I’m allergic to skittles…Do not look at me as a rolemodel for food.”

If they could hang out with any person in history who: Billy Ray: Thomas Edison. Miley: “Famous Amos, the cookie maker.”

If Miley & Emily Did a Duet what would they choose: Emily: “We did that for fun in Miley’s studio the other night. We did “Imagine.” It was like 2am and we were bored.”

Watch the interview for more fun times with Miley, Emily and Billy Ray. If you can’t see it in the embedded videos, go HERE.

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