Jonas Brothers: “It Could Turn Into A Transformer, You Never Know”


JustJaredJr caught up with all of the Jonas Brothers at the Kids Choice Awards on Saturday. Check out the interview:

On adding horns into the new album: “We’re adding horns. Today, we actually have the horn players on stage with us. It’s going really well, they’re amazing. Even on the album, it’s a different sound for us. A little more Neil Diamond-ish, Zutons, kind of meets Prince somewhere in there.”

On what we can expect from the upcoming tour: “The stage is round, just like the Britney [Spears] tour. We’re surrounded by fans everywhere and it’s really exciting for us. [We’ve] always wanted to do a show that’s kind of like a rodeo. I think they [the fans] can expect kind of the same Jonas Brothers things. Obviously some of the same songs, and cool stage things. We’re not giving away any hints except what the stage looks like. It could turn into a Transformer, you never know. We’re playing five or six songs from the new record, which is so exciting for us. We’ll be introducing some new sounds on the older songs to make it different.”

On the most meaningful song on the album:
“We’re not giving song titles just yet. There are about three songs…we’re trying to figure out the first single right now. The first single is always the most meaningful, it kicks off the new sound of the record. There’s one that means a lot to all of us. It’s called “Turn Right” It’s a song…you go left on a race track and a person in your life is going left and you’re saying turn right into the safe place in my arms. It’s a beautiful, broken down song and there’s a pedal-steel guitar and a fiddle. It’s just beautiful.”

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