Frankie Jonas: “Comic Con is probably the coolest thing ever”


JustJaredJr posted more of their interview with the Jonas Brothers from the Kids Choice Awards.

Frankie on his love for Comic Con: “Comic Con is probably the coolest thing ever. It’s where every kid dresses up as their favorite superhero. I might be going as Flash or Iron Man. I might [wear spandex].”

Frankie on his favorite Jonas Brother: “Nick.” (Joe added, “It changes every day.”)

Nick on writing a song for Menudo: “It’s called “My Own Way”, and it’s actually on Honor Society’s record. I wrote it with P.J. Bianco and it was up in the air for a lot of different artists to do it, but it really felt right for Honor Society. It turned out great.”

Joe on his latest klutz moment: “We just had a photo shoot and I’m pretty sure, I fell into a swing a lot when we weren’t shooting.”

Source: JJJ