Debby Wants You To Vote For Her


Debby Ryan is nominated for “Best Female Newcomer” for the Popstar Poptastic Awards and she’s super excited about it! She tweeted recently: “swing by! You nominated me for Poptastic Female Newcomer [you can even nominate me in other catagories & vote!] THANK YOU!” Check out a video from Popstar! below.

Debby also passed half a million channel views on her youtube: WOW! I have over 500,000 views on my YouTube channel [theDebbyRyanOfficial]!! You guys are so awesome!! i have some awesome ones coming soon!

She hung out with her brother, Josh Golden and friends this weekend and they made some youtube videos (as you can see in the pic above). Look out for those! And be sure to follow Debby on twitter! She’s sick right now so leave her some well wishes. =)

And don’t forget, we’re nominated in the Popstar! awards too! Pick up the May issue to vote and also vote online HERE.