Mitchel Musso: “My Parents Didn’t Want Hell In My Name”


Mitchel Musso is super excited for his self-titled debut album to come out on June 2nd: “You guys are Awesome and ABSOLUTELY right! My album comes out June 2, it’s for u! It was written with u in mind and I hope u love it!” He’s been twittering up a storm responding to fans questions.

Did you know the reason he has one “L” in his name is because his parents didn’t want “hell” in his name? “You guys do know that my name is Mitchel not Mitchell right?? My parents didn’t want Hell in my name. Spread it around. True Fact!…The truth is folks, the more albums I sell, the more places I can go! I want to come to every city and meet all of you!”

We even asked him what his favorite song to record for his album was.

He’ll also be filming his new music video in Las Vegas the first week in April then heading to Colorado to do some work with Clean Hands. Make sure you’re following Mitchel at