JONAS Fan Van Promo 2


-Check out the second “JONAS Fan Van” promo hosted by Nicole Anderson! They chat about the World Tour, the show, their song “Live To Party” which is also the theme for the show (and there will be a surprise on it during tour…could it be something similar to the foam guns last tour?) and more. Are you excited for May 2nd??


  1. AHHH i got FLOOR SEATS to the July 13th Show in Washington DC!!! SO EXCITED!!
    they are playing on my 16th birthday!!!
    ahhhhh cant wait!

  2. what were those 2 songs? i recognise ‘poisen ivy’ and live to party came out in the uk aaaggggeeesss ago so i got it, but the last 1, right before the end? i dunno…

    joe, do me now!

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