Four Bands To Know Before Next JB Album


MTV Buzzworthy has 4 bands you should check out before the Jonas Brothers’ next album drops. Check it out:

While we still lack definite confirmation that the title of the Jonas Brothers’ next album will be Lines, Vines And Trying Times, we can tell you (fairly) confidently about where the Jonas Brothers are coming from on their new album.

In a recent Billboard interview, Nick Jonas revealed that the boys drew heavy inspiration from Elvis Costello, The Zutons, Kings Of Leon and the reigning king of all entertainment, Neil Diamond. And while we can’t tell you exactly what that sounds like through a Jonas filter, we can tell you a little bit about those bands. Consider it a Lines, Vines, And Trying Times primer for the uninitiated.

ELVIS COSTELLO: An intellectual’s rockstar, he exploded into the world with My Aim Is True, a peppy, quirky, ska-infused downer that’s widely considered one of the best debuts of all time. That’s right. Peppy downer. Think about it. Elvis Costello videos to know: “Radio Radio” and the very Jonasy “Veronica.”

THE ZUTONS: Punky British indie rockers who were way too catchy to stay indie long. Their first single, “Pressure Point,” was featured in a Levi’s commercial and on every nerd’s mixtape in 2004. Zutons video to know: “Pressure Point.”

KINGS OF LEON: Studs. Strike me dead for saying so, but this Tennessee-bred band of brothers makes the JoBros look like the nerdy nice guys who finish last in all the movies. Their music comes from the South and from the guts. Visceral rock that even Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift can’t resist. Kings of Leon video to know:. Kings of Leon video to know: “The Bucket.”

NEIL DIAMOND: Need I say more? If you don’t know Neil Diamond, you’re still just waiting to be born. Here’s a classic. Play it loud, my baby.

Also here’s an old interview from Access Hollywood.